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Just appalling - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Just appalling
Sometime before July 1st, someone walked around Glenbrook North collecting people's balls. The line of reasoning given for breaking the North-South football rivalry (again) is the stuff of eunuchs, not Spartans. After I overcome the desire to drill a bottomless hole in the middle of the student mall and start kicking people into it, I'll have a letter to the editor brewing.

Side notes: I had Walt Sherman for gym first semester of freshman year. Plaid golf pants (worn halfway to his nipples,) the gruff, gravely voice that would address a bunch of 14-year old boys (with maybe a dozen pubes between them) with "All right, MEN..." He'd rag Shawn Panveno for wearing boxer shorts to class, asking "where's your supporter?" (Dude, nobody uses that word except in print, and they quit requiring them years ago.) Sherman epitomizes the term "old-school". They don't make 'em like that anymore. (And what the article omits is that Sherman was a graduate of Northbrook HS, GB(N)'s predecessor.) And my baseball teammate Andy Broy used to hold up Jack Moeller as like the quintessential Spartan. (Andy was also a football captain, go figure.)
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