Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

More donut shops in California?

Fark linked to an Oregon TV station's web site about Oregon declaring bankruptcy. Really, it's about the failure of the Measure 28 tax increase. What stuck out to me was that after the layoffs, there will be one Oregon State Trooper for every 13,800 residents. They compare this number to California, where there is one CHP officer for every 5,200 people.

That many? I have a hard time buying it. A CHP cruiser is still a rare sight on the freeways. Am I supposed to assume there's an Illinois State Trooper for every thousand residents there? 'Cause that's about how much more often I saw them when I lived and drove there.

I think it would be really neat if a state in dire financial straits, like Oregon, were to publically cut funding for drug enforcement. Keep going after the violence, go after the kingpins, attack the top of the tree. But leave the street dealers alone, leave the backyard growers alone, leave the college kids alone on the Oregon State quad. "Gee, we'd like to, but we just can't afford it." They're already letting minor offenders out of jail to save that expense. Why not go the whole nine yards?

Dennis Miller pointed out how ridiculous the Drug War is. They're losing to a bunch of stoners.

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