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Remember, you can't spell "manslaughter" without "laughter"! - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Remember, you can't spell "manslaughter" without "laughter"!
The DA's office has filed felony gross vehicular manslaughter charges against Richard Caldwell, the Rancho Bernardo teen who flipped his SUV and killed his buddy back in April. Reports confirm his BAC was 0.12, half again over the limit (IF you're 21.) (And his 70 mph speed is double the posted limit on Valle Verde.) Unfortunately, he's still got his driver's license. The Sheriff's department missed the window to administratively suspend it, as he wasn't expected to survive his injuries. He has, and though his lawyer says he's deaf in one ear and still has problems with one elbow, Caldwell has been seen behind the wheel.

If he pleads out, he still better get jail time. You kill somebody by being willfully reckless, you have no business getting probation.

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