Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

So am I getting this right?

One of my friends is involved in the nightclub scene. I'm not really clear on exactly what he does now (in between efforts to get into law school,) but I know when he started out, it involved hooking people up with VIP admission to Las Vegas clubs, and setting them up with tables and "bottle service". There are prodigious amounts of money spent. $200 for a bottle of vodka is considered a bargain. Everyone is dressed to the nines. Promotional materials talk about entertainment and "lifestyle". References in pop culture suggest to me that door bouncers don't merely gate the flow of traffic in and out of the venue, but also filter it. If you're the "wrong" kind of person, appearance-wise, they'll never let you in.

It strikes me as awfully shallow. It feels like this is what the popular kids you grow up with get into after college. It's all about beautiful people seeing and being seen amongst other beautiful people, dancing and getting drunk while being seen spending large sums of money.

Can anyone say whether I'm on about this? And is this a new thing, or has this always been a big part of the club scene?

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