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Paging Dr. B... Dr. Smoove B...

...you're needed in Iowa!

Key quote: "I know it will be hard," she said. "But I know it will be worth it, too."

Yes, baby, it will. And yes, baby, it will. (This stuff just writes itself.)

On the other hand, I really hate deliberate mischaracterizations like this. The Narn Bat Squad should be dispatched to whoever wrote Neiderhiser, 18, credits a local sexual abstinence movement that's quietly gaining momentum in Iowa schools at a time when lessons that preach no sex until marriage are perceived to be on the way out.

Whoever considers abstinenceignorance-only sex ed the only approach that preaches "no sex until marriage" deserves a beatdown. I've never heard of a comprehensive program that says, "Hey kids! Fuck away!" Supporters of comprehensive education say it's realistic. Critics say it gives teens the green light to have sex. No, critics are the ones that need the green light. Something is lodged in their constricted passages of logical, coherent thought. Therapeutic recreation might help dislodge that.

Ah, I'm probably repeating myself. If I did a better job tagging my entries, I could probably reduce that...
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