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Epic Win - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Epic Win
A bunch of christianist whackjobs in southwest suburban Batavia demanded that the Batavia Public Library remove a link from its web site to Planned Parenthood's teenwire.com web site. The library board voted 4-2 to keep the link, moving it from its "young adult" page to its "web reference" page.

The key here is this: All six trustees favored keeping the link. Their only disagreement was over which page to put it on.

I reiterate my comment left in dark_christian: Everything you ever need to know about Dominionists was summed up years ago by The Parking Lot Is Full in three comic strips.

In a related item, another christianist mother complained to her library about having a children's book which positively depicts gay marriage in its collection. A librarian responded magnificently. His response is well-researched, well-supported, and entirely respectful of this woman's views</a>. This is the proper way we should be dealing with the narrow-minded when we do it in an institutional environment. What we say on our own weblogs and journals and in random public forums is entirely up to us--if you want to be nice, that's great. If you want to be sanctimonious, or an offensive prick (as I often do,) that's great too. But when we speak and act under color of whatever authority our jobs give us, this is how we need to respond. In doing so, we do the right thing, without being an open threat or challenge to people who would prefer (and even demand) we do wrong. If they decide to pop off in response, they're clearly the immature one in the argument, and they help defeat their own misbegotten cause.
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From: kbuxton Date: July 18th, 2008 01:38 am (UTC) (Link)
Amusingly I saw the post separately and was reading the comments when I ran across you :)
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