Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Hillary Rosen: Still an ass

She voluntarily worked for the RIAA. Big down-check right there. I'd have less disrespect for her if she'd just said it's about the money and the property rights. But she picked up the industry's "piracy hurts the artists" brush, and if she's smart enough to understand the hows and whys of file sharing (which she does) then she's smart enough to recognize that for the lie it is. FAIL.

I don't have any problem that she supported Hillary Clinton's campaign. What I do have a problem with is condescendingly saying the black community hurts itself by voting for the black man instead of the white woman who stood (along with her husband) with them all these years.

Madam, it is possible to say "Yes, this candidate did right by me for many years, and would probably do well for me in the future. But this other candidate would be even better." This kind of maudlin victimhood has been the hallmark of the Clinton campaign, from its own people, its surrogates, and too large a portion of its vocal supporters. She's supposed to be better than that.

(Assuming Senator Clinton were qualified to hold public office in the first place. Nobody forced her to vote for the Patriot Act.)

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