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Coolest broadcast audio mixer console - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Coolest broadcast audio mixer console
I was looking over Markertek's site last week, and one of their coming-soon items is the perfect, coolest mixer console I've seen. The Henry Engineering SixMix is a compact mixer with six stereo channels designed for both broadcast radio and internet streaming. Unlike concert/music recording mixers (like the Behringer MX602 I use for baseball games,) the SixMix has separate program and cue channels that let you leave your faders set, and simply toggle whether those inputs are routed to the program output for the audiene, or to the cue speaker for previewing and cuing up before presentation. It supports a separate studio monitor, tally light ("ON AIR" or "RECORDING") control, as well as in-studio talkback between the mic input users. There's a mix-minus for use with a telephone hybrid (if you're taking live callers, or a remote feed over the phone.) It has a set of professional (600 ohm impedance balanced) and consumer (10 K unbalanced) connections on the upper four channels, switchable between them. Except for channel 6: channel 6A is a D/A converter connected to a USB port. Plug this mixer into a computer, and it appears as another USB audio device. Play music out to that device, and it appears on this mixer input. And the mixer output? In addition to analog outputs, it's also sent through an A/D to that USB port, so the computer can receive the mix for recording or encoding to a live stream.

The only down-side is it's $1,100. For what I do, I'm going to stick with my $120 MX602 and $30 Griffin iMic. But if I were going to do live broadcasting or webcasting, I'd definitely pick one up.
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