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I am dumb. Keep reading.

So I ordered some hardware for a project. I got a credit card receipt in the mail saying it shipped on March 21st. So I kept my eyes out the next few days for the packages to show up, since UPS ground from New York state takes longer than first-class mail. Friday comes and goes and the boxes don't show, I figure they're lagged due to Easter. Another week goes by, no dice. I call it in, they say UPS confirms delivery on the 28th. It was left on the back patio, according to UPS tracking.

I have a patio, it's in the "front" of the house (one quadrant of a four-unit townhouse.) And it's entirely fenced in, with no gate (unlike some of the neighbors,) so there's no way to get into it except through the house. I assume that was the driver's shorthand for he left it by the front door (which they usually do.) They call UPS and start a trace.

The driver shows up today, just as I'm getting home. I park the car and walk around to the front door to catch him on the way out, just in time to see him hop the fence into the patio. I figure I'll be a nice guy and let him out the normal way. I open the blinds on the glass door to see the driver standing next to two boxes--the labels discolored enough to indicate they'd been sitting in the sun for about two weeks.

I kinda figured UPS drivers wouldn't jump fences carrying 20-pound boxes. I didn't even think of looking there. *shrug*

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