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More on the busts

Nate was on the Today Show this morning in a four-minute interview with Matt Lauer. My MythTV box recorded it, I haven't had a chance to watch yet. It was part of a larger segment covering the bust at San Diego State yesterday. He's also supposed to appear on tonight's Inside Edition.

Channel 6 is hosting a PDF scan of the mug shot document the DA's office issued yesterday. Four arrested as up-chain marijuana suppliers are Poway HS grads. Linwood and Brandon Mackey ('02, '05), Stephen Crook ('02), and Gary Molenaar ('01). Linwood played baseball for us, pitching eight innings in relief his senior year. (full XETV story)

Nate was surprised by the guns found. Honestly, I'm not. Two of the defendants are some type of criminal justice majors. As for the rest, they're handling large amounts of cash. People like that have to worry about someone else trying to take it from them. Think about it: if you rob a drug dealer, he's not going to report it to the police, is he? Probably not, unless he wants to wind up greenlit on Fark.

The Union-Tribune has one story, and also an interview with Kim and Ray. There's also an earlier story with a few other details. The North County Times picked up the AP wire story.

KNSD coverage: Six frats suspended, DEA recording of a deal in progress, initial story. They also have three slide shows

KUSI coverage: Reactions, initial story, press conference details

CNN story, including some video. KFMB story

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