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More on the RB cheating scandal - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
More on the RB cheating scandal
Unlike a similar incident seven years ago at Poway, Rancho Bernardo's administration is properly hanging their (now) eight students out to dry. The article includes a copy of a mass e-mail to RB staff about the state of the investigation.

I'm not convinced yet that this required any degree of technological skill. The data security practices I've seen in the district are downright laughable. This would not have been hard to do, for weeks or months on end, by simply taking advantage of those poor practices. Hackers or Wargames this probably ain't.

The funeral that Koelzer writes about is Charles Amaro's.

If this is anyone in Poway Unified's "worse [sic] technological nightmare", I gotta tell you, they aren't that imaginative. This is a paper cut compared to what someone could really do if they were determined.

At the bottom of the first page of the PDF, you'll see how one uninvolved student had known about it for a month, and didn't come forward. This is not surprising. These kids will always back each other up. They will not rat each other out. The lone possible exception to that is if there's a threat of violence involved. Aside from that, anyone who considers it will think twice, worried that the truth will come out (and given the underappreciation for information security in a school, it will) and they'll be branded a snitch.

It's also not at all shocking that all 8 perps at RB are AP students. I remember when I first moved to Poway, a car burglary ring had just been busted, consisting of PHS honor students.
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