Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

State math coverage

Eric Zorn covers the ICTM State Math Contest, which I see has been moved to UIUC from its original home at ISU. Eric's excuse is his son is a senior on the Payton Prep math team. There still oughtta be a story about it each year. Naperville North's 10-year run in the 4A division came to an end this year. Glenbrook North finished 9th, just a point behind 8th place Lyons Twp. And South was 27 points behind us in 10th.

I see they've updated the rules a bit. Back In The Day™, the rule was students were allowed "one handheld, non-printing calculator". Now, the rule reads:
Each student is allowed to use any number of calculators that are self-contained and battery operated; however, each student may use at most one desk. No computers are allowed in the competitions. Removable or interchangeable parts are permitted. Electrical outlets in the room may not be used.
I guess you can't bring an HP Libretto or an Oqo running Mathematica.

IMSA still blows. :P

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