Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Well THAT's overdue

The Illinois Department of Transportation finally got tired of the Village of Northfield stalling for 40 years. They're widening Willow Road to four lanes. IDOT held a press conference about it in Northfield, and didn't even bother to invite any village officials. The Village President calls it a slap in the face. That's exactly what it is. "We're sick of your shit, we're moving forwards."

That road is at least four lanes between Hicks Rd (US-14) in Palatine (as Palatine Rd) and Waukegan Rd (IL-43) (as Willow) on the Northbrook-Northfield border. It's a major east-west thoroughfare that entire length, with large retail presences in Arlington Heights and Northbrook/Glenview. The last 1.2 miles before the Edens Expressway (I-94), the 2-lane stretch in question, is a monumental bottleneck. Better planning would've widened Willow (or probably better, Lake-Cook) to an expressway decades ago. There's nothing but surface streets to carry east-west traffic, they're all heavily traveled, and this bottleneck made Willow the worst of them. Northfield has fought this for decades, crying "Think of the children!" IDOT did, and planned an underpass between the two parks (and neighboring school) where the youthful foot traffic is heavy. There's no reason Northfield couldn't have done that before I was born.

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