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David Westerfield was convicted of the murder of 7-year old Danielle Van Dam several weeks ago, and last week was sentanced to death for it. All the while, I kept my fingers crossed. Since the investigation, Westerfield's whereabouts had been discussed publically. They always seemed kinda flaky, maybe a bit suspicious. The physical evidence reported at trial was trace. There wasn't any "smoking gun", like a huge splash of Danielle's blood in the RV. The child pornography on his computer, I heard someone suggest that might have been his son's... supposedly he got busted at Poway High for pornsurfing, and had some reputation as a pervert. Maybe, maybe not. I had to take it on faith that the jury had done the right thing, that the whole body of evidence they had been shown assembled enough of the puzzle to extinguish reasonable doubt, because I'd hate to see an innocent man die for this letting a real killer walk away.

Yesterday, the court released tape of SDPD's interrogation of Westerfield. This tape was excluded from presentation at trial on grounds that Westerfield's rights had been violated. At one point, he's perceptibly tired, he complains he hasn't had a shower in 48 hours. He asks them to bring in the DA, some other people, and "someone I can talk to." He says his life as he's known it is over. The detectives ask him if he'd like to be left alone. He says no, but asks if the officer would like to leave his gun on the table for a moment. "That would be silly," he's told.

Westerfield never comes out and admits the murder, but that there is pretty damning to me. I hope the Van Dams find some closure in this. They can't get their daughter back, but they know the right man will (eventually) get zorched for it.

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