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Would you like to play... a... game?

We're not worthy. He really did a fabulous job with the place. The interior, from the paint and posters to the ceiling , lighting, and fans, to the carpet really looks 80s-authentic. He's even got change machines and a pay phone on the wall. And a wall of pinball machines. And it looks like either legit or good copies of Chuck E. Cheese signage.

You definitely need a good stereo. He talked about putting in a home theater... I'd have it by the game room, maybe with sliding glass doors to close it off. Put in a projector and run 80s movies. Tron, Wargames, E.T., Cloak And Dagger...

I'd say I'd build one of these if I ever won the lottery, but really, I wouldn't. I'd never make the time to restore the old games. Easier just to build a couple of MAME cabinets and hang some black lights. :-)

But heaven (or at least part of it) looks just like this. Especially the part where there are NOT ANY SCREAMING 4-YEAR OLDS RUNNING INTO YOU!

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