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The next chapter in the story of the mercenary Forcier quarterback family begins next fall. First, some background...

There are three Forcier boys, Jason, Chris, and Robert (who goes by the nickname Tate.) They spent their early years playing Pop Warner ball in Carlsbad. All three are talented quarterbacks.

Jason, the oldest son, played his first three years at Mater Dei in Santa Ana. Then he transferred to St. Augustine in San Diego's North Park neighborhood spring of his junior year, playing his senior year there. He signed with Michigan, then transferred to Stanford after two years.

Chris, two years younger, did his freshman year at Mater Dei with Jason. Then, as Jason transferred to Augustine's, Chris transferred to Carlsbad. Why have two brothers competing for the same job, when you can just spread them between two schools? For a year, at least--once Jason graduated, Chris transferred right over to Augustine's for his last two years. He just finished his freshman season at UCLA.

Another two years brings us to Tate, the youngest. He played his freshman year at St. Augustine. Again, we can't have two Forciers competing, so he transferred over to Scripps Ranch his sophomore year. This past year, Poway played Scripps Ranch, where Tate, now a junior, threw 9-22 with three interceptions. I joked mid-game that he was physically present, but had already mentally transferred. Indeed, perhaps he'd hop in the car and transfer physically at halftime. Could he throw the second half for Augustine's or Carlsbad? (If only CIF would let him!)

The joke was lying there, the premised pattern was present in all three brothers' careers. Loyalty isn't in their vocabulary. It was not at all a stretch to believe that Tate would finish his career somewhere else. And so it may. Friday's Union-Tribune announces that Tate Forcier is transferring to Carlsbad this month, to play football there in the fall.

The key quote comes from Tate's news release: "It's kind of been the plan all along, going back to Carlsbad High School".

Yup. Move along, use people and their teams for your own ends, it's all about me, me, me. I'll tell you, if I were a player at Carlsbad, I wouldn't be wild about this. I certainly wouldn't be hospitable. If I were a college coach, I wouldn't recruit him. Why waste the time?

With the realignment of the North County Conference, Carlsbad joins the Palomar League this fall. We'll be playing them. No doubt, I'll be making transfer jokes all night.

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