Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Jesus Loves You, But I Think You're An Asshole

Rob Sherman, noted atheist, hasn't faded away yet. His daughter Dawn is a freshman at Buffalo Grove, and she's suing District 214 and the state of Illinois over the new moment of prayer/silence law the idiot legislature passed this year.

I am actually fine with this. They're wrong, and she oughtta sue, and she oughtta win. And judging from the article, she's a pleasant, well-adjusted girl who has the nerve to stick to her convictions. But her father is still an asshole. Dawn convinced her student council to drop "God Bless America" from a homecoming week announcements playlist. That's great, it's a public school, sanctioned expressions of piety have no place. That's not good enough for Rob. As always, he's got to rub everyone's noses in his superiority, bragging that his daughter "got God banned from homecoming."

It's a moot point anyways. As Keith points out, God will always be at homecoming as long as people are fucking and yelling "Oh God" as they do.

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