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I was talking to the folks on Monday night (Mom's birthday,) and mentioned that I had learned the hard way that day that no store in Fashion Valley Mall sold Santa Claus hats. I'd intended to buy one to have the embroidered hat kiosk embroider a big green Poway "P" on the white furry brim, as something to wear for basketball games this week. Mom's suggestion was the drug stores (Rite-Aid/Sav-on as local substitutes/incarnations of Walgreens/Osco,) which I noted and wrote into plans for today.

They decided to be clever, buy one of the hats Tuesday and FedEx it to me. They sent it Standard Overnight. Which means it didn't get here today 'till long after I'd gotten up, stopped at Sav-On, bought a hat, driven to Fashion Valley, had it embroidered, come home, and left again for today's (5:30pm) game. I found the envelope when I got home at 9:00.

*sigh* So I've got a spare for when I eventually misplace this one.

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