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Whee, delayed - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Whee, delayed
My flight home was scheduled for a 6:20 departure. My alarm went off at 4 (the SAN security gates open at 5:30,) my cell phone was already beeping with a text message from Orbitz. I'm delayed 'till 10:55. On the chance it's a goof, I get up, shower, pack, and then check the status through United's own system. It really is delayed. So much for the "I'm getting in almost at the same time as Holly, saving people a trip to get me" idea. A low-pressure zone moved into the city last night, dropping the temperature from 50 to 18, kicking up 50 mile an hour wind gusts, and dropping an inch or two of snow.

Sayeth doomsey: "yeah, I went out and looked at something this morning and almost got blown"

[Edit: Sorry, that's "blown over".]

Go figure, O'Hare has to slow down their operations rate. At least I wasn't canceled. And Holly's flight got out of Denver a minute early, though it'll land about 25 minutes late.

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