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Hate is still not a family value

I stopped at Wal*Mart today for some stuff. On the way out, there was a clown soliciting signatures for a petition to repeal the piece of the California education code established by this year's SB 777. Prior law generally forbid discrimination on, amongst other things, sexual orientation. But some subsections of the code called out only smaller subsets for protection. SB 777 made the entire education code consistent, protecting the whole set of classes, all the time.

Well, you know how nipples start burning in the psychochristian fundie crowd every time you protect homosexuals. They're trying to put a referendum on the next election ballot to repeal 777's terms. No surprise, they're doing it under a "Save our kids (from the evil nasty gay homersexuals!)" banner.

As I'm leaving, said clown asks me if I'm registered to vote. I said "Yeah, but I never thought hate was a Christian value." "I don't know what you're talking about." I just kept walking. He shouted something else, I didn't make it out over the noise of some traffic. Whatever. He can choke on a bucket of cocks.

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