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Whee, functional - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Whee, functional
So once upon a time, I registered titanhoops.info and powaytitans.org to use for sports over at Poway. Summer before last, I lost both domains, because I screwed up my mail config and didn't get the renewal notices. They got snapped up by domain squatters, who wanted obscene amounts of money to sell them back to me. I told them to eat cocks and registered phstitans.org to move things to.

Of course, I had the machine broken into, forcing me to take everything down until I could reinstall it all from scratch. So we had no website last year for basketball.

Well, it looks like those squatters don't sit on things forever when they don't get any/many nibbles for a name, because I discovered this month that they were both unregistered again. So I picked them both back up, plus titanhoops.com, which had also been abandoned.

And now I have a little content management system up and running at http://web.titanhoops.com for Poway's boys basketball program. The key to this CMS is: it generates static pages. There's no need for dynamic content. So there isn't any. For now, I update flat files and regenerate. In time, it'll be database-backed. There's more work to be done, but what's there now will do for most purposes.

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