Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Whee, cabled

So the plumbers finished last Wednesday, replacing all my old polybutylene plumbing with real copper. They did a fabulous job, everything works, everything's very solid, I expect to have no problems. If I do, there's a 20-year warranty on the work. The inspector was happy on Thursday.

To run the pipe, they had to cut a lot of holes in my walls and ceilings. The ceiling down one side of my living room, and the full length of my kitchen/dining room is wide open, plus the wall by the breakfast bar, and the garage around the water heater and laundry. The bonus this gives me is the opportunity to run more structured wiring drops. I'd always wanted one in the kitchen and the garage, and the living room cut gave me the chance to run lines for surround speakers (plus a phone and ether jack, just for good measure.) Since I was in that corner of the attic anyways, I finally ran the drop to my bedroom closet to feed the phone and Palm cradles for syncing. The house is now as wired as I've ever wanted it to be, and I'm fithy and sweaty enough to prove it.

Drywallers come tomorrow and Tuesday to patch and paint. Then comes the issue of what household items to put back where they were, and what to just get rid of.

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