Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

I'm starting to wonder how close I am to the end of my rope with one of my basketball players. The kid has absolutely no respect for anyone around him. He shows up late, with no trace of apology, dismisses his coaches' concerns, and mouths off to everyone around him, myself included. He's always been a punk, but now he's a lot worse than ever.

This morning I come in to drop off last night's game film so they can watch it during first period (7:30am) Basketball P.E. I get there about ten minutes late, I set the time of my alarm but forgot to turn it on. I'm annoyed about that, I'm supposed to be a lot more dependable. I walk in the door, and this player immediately starts jeering me for being late. As I'm about to leave a couple of minutes later, he makes a parting shot about going home and going back to bed.

I come back just after school to drop off the scorebook. I'm a little late, practice has been going about 10 minutes by the time I get there. Several minutes later, this player shows up. One of the assistants asks why he's late, he nonchalantly comments he ran home to get his practice jersey. Someone that fucking lazy has no business commenting to me about being late. He's putzing around getting ready, and makes some passing remark to me about how I shouldn't have had to come in this morning at all, that I should've made the head coach pick up the tape himself.

In a truly just world, it'd be acceptable to bitch-slap him into next week. Other people would even help. Unfortunately, this isn't a truly just world, so I'll have to wait for another solution to present itself.

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