Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Well that's done

I'm impressed... my football team hung in there and pulled it off. They beat Rancho Bernardo last night 31-15, finishing the regular season 9-0, and locking up the co-championship of the Palomar League. (Torrey Pines rolled over and played dead for La Costa Canyon, 30-0, so there went our sole claim to the title.) Much to my relief, they did what I wanted them to--scored on the opening drive. But then took the ball right back on RB's first drive, and scored again. RB got back in, as anyone should've expected, and cut our lead to 14-9, which wasn't very comfortable at all, but Collin Wooster hit a 37-yard field goal for us just before halftime. 17-9 is still kind of close, but I really like the psychological effect that FG had to have. It bookended the half well.

I'm going to run down to the CIF office, they're going to release the playoff pairings in half an hour. We expect to be the 1 seed. Our best estimate has Vista and RB as the 8 and 9 seeds, they'd play next Friday, and we'd see the winner in two weeks at home.

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