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Shawn Ryan: On Strike - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Shawn Ryan: On Strike
With the Writer's Guild going on strike, it raised the question of what happens with the television writers who double as producers and executive producers (commonly called "showrunners", with the obvious meaning.) Some of them are continuing to work, fulfilling tasks outside of writing. A large group of them met this past weekend and decided instead to completely sit out all facets of production. The Shield creator Shawn Ryan explains why: All that other work supports the writing.

There are people out there whining that nobody loses in this except the viewers. There's a word for these people: "douchebags". Read that message to see an example why.

See, The Shield is about to film its series finale. This is a show that I've been saying since its start, in this space, is one of the finest dramatic productions in any medium, ever. Shawn isn't going to be there, unlike every other episode they've shot. It will be shot anyways--the contractual headaches for delaying production are monumental. I'm sure there's a great crew working, they all know their jobs, and would probably tell you under better circumstances that they know what Shawn wants and they'll get it done in his absence. I expect the episode to be outstanding anyways, but there's going to be something missing, because you don't miss someone that influential and not see an effect.

Given what's at stake, that is just the way it has to be.
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