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8 down, 1 to go, but...

Football won again tonight, spanking Mt. Carmel 41-20. They're 8-0 for the first time since 1976 with one game to go.

Unfortunately, Mt. Carmel lost a student early in the evening. There was a kid working the chain crew, they announced it was his 15th birthday today. He collapsed a few minutes after the JV game ended, which Mt. Carmel won by a point. I looked over and saw someone performing chest compressions, which never looks good. The word I'm hearing is that he had a heart murmur. I took the fact that the ambulance left with its lights on as a good sign. But it wasn't, I guess it was just for show. There was a doctor at the game, and he pronounced him before the ambulance even arrived.

I didn't find out until an hour after the game ended. I'd seen some kids gathered behind the press box, a lot of long hugs and tears, but I assumed it must be out of worry. At least I hoped it was. If there's anything positive to take from it, it's that his last memory was a bunch of his friends fighting to win a big game in the closing minutes. If it were me, I think that's as good an ending as I could ask for.

[Edit 11/4 9:10am, friends lock released on public information: The boy's name is Nyzell Derr. According to the North County Times and last night's KNSD newscast, they did work on him all the way to Pomerado Hospital in Poway.]

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