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Save PDF to Web Receipts folder

Oh, way back when, I found and tweaked an Automator workflow that added a "Save PDF to folder" option to the standard OS X print dialog. It's annoying to spend time later on batch-changing all the filenames to reflect what they are, rather than what the web site's developer decided to stick in his <title> tag. It ain't always that descriptive... I wind up with a folder half full of files called "DATE-TIME-Receipt.pdf". So now it'll propose a filename and present a small dialog to confirm or modify it before it saves your PDF. You can also change the location and the name of the folder where it saves things, it's the last action.

The latest version is on my web server. Unzip it into $HOME/Library/PDF Services for your own use, or to /Library/PDF Services for global system use.
Tags: hacking, macintosh

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