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Oh, bloody fucking hell

First, I discover my camcorder has broken. I haven't transferred the Ellis or JMS sessions from Con yet. I think it worked then, and it's just broken since. We'll find out once I get it back from repairs.

Second, when I saw Order of the Phoenix, they ran a trailer for The Dark Is Rising. Having missed the opening line of it, it wasn't until the second mention of Will Stanton's name that I recognized it for what it was, so I hadn't thought to pay attention to accents. Watching the trailer again... there are no accents. They went and Americanized Susan Cooper's The Grey King. (Goddammit, it's Welsh!) And then they went and re-titled it "The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising". So they're also trying to steal cachet from Harry Potter. What a bunch of fucks...

(Laughably, they seem to have re-set part of it in Chicago. Watch the trailer, there's a brief clip of traffic moving westbound on Jackson Boulevard under the L tracks. The brown Route 66 sign is visible on a lamp post on the right side of the frame. I'm also reading that they cut all the references to the Arthurian legend. Assholes.)
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