Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Con post-mortem

There's nothing on the Sunday presentation schedule that I care to see. I've bought everything I need down on the dealer floor, so I'm going to stay home today. Last night went pretty late, though it was worth it, so I'm pretty beat now and need the break.

Con actually went okay. I had thought that Friday was the limit of what I could stand, and expected Saturday to be a total clusterfuck. Then I found out early yesterday that Friday had in fact sold out, and therefore Saturday couldn't be any worse, and it wasn't. In the end, everything sold out except Thursday. The result is something I'm happy with. They set up a scheme of entry and exit doors and halls for the presentation rooms to keep traffic flowing, and with only a couple of hiccups, I think it worked very well. Capacity was limited to a number that still allowed good movement down on the floor, and a good chance of getting into all but the largest panels. The air conditioning was turned up to 11, and extra AC units had been attached to the Sails Pavilion, so it was even comfortable, even chilly at times.

Neatest idea: There was a showing of 300 on the scoreboard video screen at Petco Park on Thursday night. It was ticketed, and I didn't know about it 'till I saw people being let into Petco on my way back to my car. That's a great use of a nearby resource, with the Padres out of town.

My problems are ones I've had for a few years. If you want an autograph from somebody popular, or you want to see programming in Ballroom 20 or Hall H, you have to give up at least an hour ahead of it on the schedule in order to wait in line, possibly longer for Hall H, and that involves waiting outside too, which will suck if it's too hot (or you're dressed in a heavy costume.) My official position on Hall H is, if it's happening there, it's almost certainly not worth seeing. The only person I'm willing to see in there is Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon. Of course, that was thwarted for the second year in a row by Con organizers. Joe Straczynski conflicted with Kevin on Friday and Joss on Saturday--just like last year.

Many thanks are due to Avatar for bringing warren_ellis Warren Ellis out. (Also jacen, but he's closer and less cranky, and he's from here, but appreciated nonetheless!) Warren's session last night (9-11pm) was well-attended and Too Much Fun. Warren was in very good spirits, (especially after we convinced him to give in to the jones and light a fucking cigarette,) so clearly he didn't have a repeat of his bad experience ten years ago. You must buy Black Summer and Doktor Sleepless. They both rule hard, and besides, Internet Jesus commands you. Warren also announced a new, free, web-only project called FreakAngels. Five pages a month, written by Warren, drawn by Paul Duffield.
Tags: 2007, comiccon, comics, internet jesus, jms, kevin smith

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