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Fuck you, David Chase

Attributed to Sopranos creator David Chase:
He has said in interviews he isn’t really a believer in wrapping up every plot point. [...] And Chase thought it was amusing that the lack of resolution bothered “Sopranos” fans. So he left it unresolved.

The episode was mostly good. Nothing exciting, nothing earth-shattering as a finale, taken as a whole piece. That would've been okay for a change, since finales tend to be big deals. There's nothing wrong with "Life just goes on", because that's what it actually does.

But the actual ending of the episode, that's just a cheap insult to the people that bought into the show and watched it for ten years. People stuck around through ridiculously long hiatuses, accepting that it just takes time to do some things right. This was one man deliberately fucking with people who'd shown interest and loyalty to what he created.

What an asshole. "Wait for the movie"? Don't hold your breath. That's something I certainly won't pay for, and likely as not, I'll even skip when it shows up someplace free.

At least we get another season of The Wire this fall. There's a group of creative people that respect their audience.

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