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The rest of the story

What I [couldn't] say publically...

We knew the layoffs were coming. The reorganization was announced about a month ago, and we were told they wanted the changes in place for the start of the next fiscal year (July 1st,) so they would begin happening in May. They tried to downplay talk of layoffs, but it was obvious that would happen in May. There was a smaller layoff in March of '06, in which we lost one person. Obviously the changes that were made then did not save the company's finances, so there would have to be more, and in larger numbers. We just didn't know how many people we were going to lose, and in what areas. In office chatter, we had a few theories. Our division had done well and turned a profit, so to be fair, we shouldn't have to suffer, but we know that's not how our management thinks. Maybe they'd cut all of engineering and take our work in-house. Or at least take in all printed circuit board design and cut our PCB group. Cutting all of production, and moving manufacturing into their organization, using their contract houses was possible, but we thought that unlikely because of the headaches it creates.

Well, you can guess what they cut. Production ends at the end of June, and nearly everyone is going. What's left will provide RMA support. Then there's a token cut from hardware, software, and PCB. Two people quit or are quitting recently, so they were counted in the RIF number. I'm the software cut, and it's what I expected. Once the numbers started floating in the rumor mill, I knew I'd logically be one of them. I'm simply the lowest man on the software totem pole, and cutting me cuts the least amount of institutional knowledge. I was okay with that.

When our GM came to get me for the Thursday morning meeting where the seven of us got the news, I walked in with a smile on my face. I've been unhappy with my engineering management, and had no confidence in corporate management, so I was planning to leave sometime this summer anyways. This way, at least I get paid generously in the separation. As separations go, this one is very pleasant. I expected to be shown the door immediately. If I'd come in Thursday to find my badge didn't work, and had my keys taken away when I came in through reception, it would not have surprised me. But none of these things happened, I'm still working for another two months, and I'm getting paid quite generously. There's a nice retention bonus for staying through June, on top of severance afterwards. I'm not supposed to talk about the numbers, but I'm very happy with them.

I'll be taking July and August off. The Palomar College baseball class is three weeks in July, so I'll do that again. I'll spend the rest of the time clearing my housework and project backlog, and the obligatory summer goofing off with Eric.

[Edit 6/23/08: Originally friends-locked.]

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