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This is surreal

WCKG's audio stream is finally working again. I missed Steve Dahl this afternoon, but his son Matt's show immediately followed. What's surreal is not that I remember hearing Matt's birth on the air (22 years ago yesterday). It's how much Matt sounds like his dad in his early 20s, and how much his sidekick Brendan sounds like Steve or Garry piped through the pitch changer set for the low Paul-Steve/Paul-Garry voice. They're talking about Matt's birthday party Saturday night. One could make the argument that the content is very juvenile and inappropriate for broadcast. But it's not much different from what Steve talked about Back In The Day™.

What's also not surreal is that Garry Meier is back on the radio, on 'CKG, but not with Steve. He's doing late mornings (8-11am) solo.

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