Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

More odd dreams

So I walk into In N Out (I assume my mind grabbed this from recent experience, since that's where I ate dinner last night,) and immediately something strikes me as wrong. First, the seating layout is wrong. And the fixtures are wrong. Second, there's a young couple sitting at the first table eating, looking way too serious, and there's a third meal sitting there untouched. At the second table is Andre Braugher. (Or is he Frank Pembleton?) I feel relieved, and quickly lean in as I pass his table to say I think something's going down. He shakes his head, I say "Hey Frank, look at the table behind me, does that look right?" He nods and I get in line. Moments later, I hear someone loudly declare a robbery, and the guy in front of me turns around and pulls a shotgun out from under his coat, which is about what I expected. He calmly tells me to give him my CIF ring, even though it has my name on it. I go ahead and give it to him, since you obviously don't argue with armed thieves. And I recognize the guy... it's Bodie, one of the corner dealers on The Wire. Then out of the blue, someone pounds me across the chest, knocking me to the floor. And dammit, it hurt. "Wow, this feels a little too real," I think, but I know subconsciously it isn't. I'm lying on my stomach, under a table, and there is two sharp pains in my back. There's a nervous woman sitting on the table, and she's digging her high heels into my back, and dammit, it's excruciating. I'm trying not to make noise, because I'd rather not get shot by the man that knocked me down, but I want this to stop already.

And the thought that I'm trying to process, which this ditzy bitch above me is distracting me from with her knitting needle heels, is "When the hell did In N Out expand to Baltimore? And is this a franchise or does the family still own it?"

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