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Wow, I got lucky...

I made the decision to go see the Little League World Series again next summer. In our last episode, the best rate I could find for a hotel room was $60/night, 90 miles away. Okay, I booked that trip in February. This time around, I landed a $45/night room only 30 miles away. It's an odd Red Roof "web fare" that Orbitz bait-and-switched away the first time I selected it, but passed it through the second time I tried it through a different search.

This is the thing that galls me about the online travel agencies... Very often, their search results return rates for hotels and rental cars that are completely unavailable. The actual rate isn't just a couple of bucks higher, it's sometimes double or triple what you were first quoted. It's always, "Oh, sorry, that rate became unavailable just now." That's like late flights blamed on "weather" on clear days. They really need to improve their connections with the hotel and car reservation systems.

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