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Technology hates me - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Technology hates me
b5 went into thermal shut down again last night. And yet again after I left the house this morning. No e-mail 'till I get home.

The battery in my car has been leaking the last couple of weeks. By this morning, it had lost enough sulfuric acid that adding water to it didn't give it sufficient capacity to start the car. I ran a 6-amp charge on it for about half an hour, which was enough to start it and get it over to Kragen to exchange it. There's no way I was trusting it any further.

Oh, and the OS archive-reinstall of my iBook didn't take. Something is Very Corrupt, causing the same SPOD hangs as before, so I'm in the midst of a format-and-reinstall. Fortunately, I was able to pull all the user data off via Firewire target mode. (The really fun part was when it quit seeing the wired ethernet. Wireless was fine, but wired, it could see a connection, but couldn't negotiate with the DHCP server.

Of course, this has to happen the week that basketball is starting, when I'm Way Too Busy, especially since football is still alive.

[Edit 3:00pm:] Corporate mail is now down, too. Jeeeeezus....
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