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Us and our cardiac kids

Halftime tonight, we're up 21-0 on Torrey Pines, second round of the playoffs. They beat us 38-27 last time around, in a game we played badly in the second half. Most people picked us to lose. A friend last night called it a 20-point loss. The daily papers weren't keen on us either.

With about two minutes to go, the reporters from the Poway Chieftain and the North County Times left the press box for the sidelines, the better to get postgame interviews. We're up 21-14, and NCTimes congratulates me on the win as he passes by. "Don't say that yet, we could easily screw this up." Torrey's plenty good enough to make your mistakes cost dearly. And sure enough, we fumble on our own 29 yard line, which they drive right back for a score, and tie the game. They were having a great second half, so this isn't really a surprise.

The kickoff goes into the end zone, so we start with the ball on our own 20, with less than a minute and a half to go. We get all the way to their 40, 22 seconds left, and Donnie hits Jared Relyea about 10-12 yards down from the line of scrimmage. Jared breaks a tackle and takes it all the way in. I'm with the coaching staff in the press box, and we all went apeshit. (The press box staff wasn't amused. Feh.) We get dinged for an excessive celebration penalty and miss the extra point from 18 yards out. Torrey winds up with the ball on their own 30 after the kickoff, with 7 seconds to go. I'm standing behind the timer, making sure he starts and stops the clock on time, and I watch it expire as Relyea bats down a long, long pass that would've likely been a responding TD had it been caught. Upset, game over.

As an added bonus, Thursday's semifinal is at La Costa Canyon (that's going to be another track meet, just like the first one,) which is only 15 minutes from the office. Nobody but us thinks we should be there. That's fine, we'll be ready...

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