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New hardwarez

My new iBook showed up yesterday. 14" display, 800 MHz PPC G3, all the bells and whistles. It'll be very nice to have a Unix desktop to carry around with me.

The timing of all this works out quite well. I still haven't finished moving the G3 desktop's contents over to the G4 desktop I bought in July, so it's coalesced into one big task. Everything gets moved to the G4, and then I set up sync software for the subset of data I need to carry around (MP3 archive, sports statistics, etcetera.) All the stuff that ought to be burned to CD and archived gets moved out, what remains gets organized neatly. On top of it, my Apple IIc is working again, so I can start moving that data over as well. Then, perhaps, I can start all the indexing and archive projects I've been meaning to get to for an eon and a half...

Of course, I have some intermediate issues to cope with. My preferred sound playback application, SoundApp, refuses to play files opened from the Finder or dragged onto its icon when it runs under OS X's Classic environment. And SndSampler can't open the input devices for recording.

ITunes is good for playing a music library, but it's a nuisance for general sound playback--it adds everything it plays to its library, and from there it tries to sync it to the iPod. I don't need my iPod filled with sound clips, nor do I need the shuffle player to stick film and TV quotes in between songs.

Ugh... it's the time of year when the Santa Ana winds blow through San Diego, so it's windy, dry, and often hot. I'm getting mild nosebleeds (not enough to drip, until I blow my nose) and my allergies are acting up. I pulled out the humidifier this morning and it ran through half a tank of water in about an hour. Once things get to a nice equilibrium, I'll stop waking up in the middle of the night with my nasal passages completely blocked. I can't sleep with my mouth hanging open, so it's just as bad as when the air conditioning fails.

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