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Good bye, Dan...

I've known Dan and Jane Allen and their three sons nearly the whole time I've lived in Poway. Jarrod, their oldest, was a junior catcher the year I moved here. Caleb followed suit two years later, and Jake played infield for us after that. Dan was president of the baseball booster club for a few years, and he and Jane were always heavily involved supporting the program. They had me over for a couple of Thanksgivings and Easters, and more recently, Caleb has been playing ball with us on Sundays.

On a trip to see Jake at the Air Force Academy early this summer, Dan had an episode that prompted an ER trip and an MRI, revealing two tumors in his brain. They cut one out immediately, and scheduled a gamma knife procedure to remove the other a week later. The biopsy revealed it was melanoma, but the initial surgeries went so well, and Dan's progress was so good, he was out watching us play at Point Loma two weeks later. He had several courses of chemotherapy as a precaution in the following weeks, and another gamma knife session. He was doing very well, but started getting worrisome a couple of weeks ago. The last couple of days were touch and go, and we finally lost him last night.

This is the mail from Jane I saw when I got up this morning:
Dearest Family and Friends,

This is going to be short and sweet...Dan went home to be with the Lord at 6:36 pm this evening. He went peacefully and with me and the boys piled in the bed with him. Services will be announced at a future point, but the memorial service and funeral will be held at The Church at Rancho Bernardo, probably late in the week next week.

Again, this family will forever be in awe of the outpouring of love that has come from you all. Thank you.



Dan retired from the Navy several years ago after thirty-some years of service, including a stint as commander of Naval Station Norfolk. His has become a mixed family... Jarrod's entering Army flight school later this year, Jake's a sophomore at the Air Force Academy, and Caleb is planning to join the Marines.

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