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The People's Republic State of California, which has built 20-some prisons and (count 'em) two university campuses in the last quarter-century, has a new guest for the next 25-plus years. I read in yesterday's North County Times about Ronald Herrera, whom Ventura County deputy DA Darryl Perlin says is "what the three-strikes law is all about." (The courtroom judge, Frank Ochoa, called him "one of the worst criminals to pass through" his courtroom.)

What, you ask, does Perlin mean by "what the three-strikes law all about"? Quite simply, the theft of a stick of lip balm, some breath freshener, and a bottle of cheap wine, total value $11.53. Herrera's incarceration will probably cost state taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When the three-strikes law was passed, I remember reading about it being trumpeted as a way to get violent criminals off the streets for good. Now, perhaps Herrera is still a violent man. Maybe he really is a bad guy. He does have 17 convictions for "serious" felonies in his past. But before I commit to spending truckloads of money to incarcerate someone, I'd like a better indication of bottomless evil than twelve bucks' worth of dime store merchandise.

Feh. We didn't make the football playoffs. We were voted 13th in a field of 12. But two south bay teams (Chula Vista and Bonita Vista,) who a) play a seriously weaker schedule, and 2: we'd smoke on the field, did make it.

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