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The new Harry Potter film kicks as much ass as was expected. My only (minor) gripe is they slowed and sapped up the ending. They left out a couple of story details that really could've been left in with no ill effect, but *shrug*. I saw it at 8:30 this morning, so there were only a few young children. I also had the forethought to forgo my usual Coke. I didn't need to take a leak two-thirds of the way through the movie.

Goddamn, we lost a heartbreaker of a football game tonight. Poway vs. La Costa Canyon, at home, regular season finale. If we win, we have a good shot at making the playoffs. If we lose, we're probably done. La Costa has one of the best offenses in the county. We hold them down 9-7 through most of the game. We fuck up in the fourth quarter, fumble the ball, and La Costa drives it back to score, going up 15-9. We drive it back, blow a pitch play in the backfield for a major loss, and wind up 3rd and about 15. On that play, our running back gains about three of it back, but gets kicked in the head after the play's over. 15-yard personal foul penalty against La Costa, automatic first down. Instead of a 4th and long field goal attempt (about 50 yards, which is long but it's a do-or-die situation for us) we're still alive. We stick it out, finish it off, and score again, 16-15 with a minute and a half left in the game. All we had to do was play defense... which we did, left them 4th and 10 on our 42-yard line... fucker throws a 42-yard touchdown pass which his receiver catches just barely in-bounds. 28 seconds left, we're down 23-16, and our half of the stands just goes dead silent. Our miracle win became La Costa's miracle win. It was a great game, just a damned shame we lost it.

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