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Things that make you go "ewww"...

The Washington Post has done a series of articles throughout 2006 about the worst of the worst in high school basketball. Ten-year old boys recruited by shoe companies, their fathers or coaches put on the company payroll. Diploma mill schools that exist only to field a boys basketball team. A 6' 10" 16-year old who's never played high school ball, and never will. The one that absolutely turns my stomach is this one. Some ass clown is trying to start basketball-mill prep schools in California, as a business. Not one, but several. It's not about the kids, it's all about money--money for the coaches, for the investors, for the shoe company if they land the next O'Neal or James or MJ. Nothing's being put away for these kids. If basketball doesn't turn out for them... if they lose interest, if nobody drafts them, if they don't grow, if they blow out both knees, they'll have nothing. This is eerily reminiscent of the way things used to be for child actors.

The articles talk about long absences from class, and distant travel schedules. These sound like conditions that would prevent them from ever gaining CIF sanction, and thus keep them from playing most other California schools. I hope so. I don't ever want to share a court with people like the ones behind this.

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