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Some things finally happen - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Some things finally happen
I was listening to Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw this morning (KGB-FM). A show standard is that listeners will call in to report what they call an ASNR--Acute Spontaneous Nasal Reflux. It's their name for when you laugh at something they said, and shoot whatever you're drinking out your nose. Given their morning drive slot, the target is often steering wheels and breakfasts.

So today, a woman calls in with an ASNR. As always, they ask what she expelled. "Man chowder," she says. Yes, the radio was on while she was giving her boyfriend a blowjob, and somebody's wisecrack came at just the wrong moment. I nearly had to pull over, it had me laughing so hard, as it recalled this conversation on IRC seven years ago.
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