Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Wormer? DEAD! Niedermayer? DEAD! Max? DEAD

Confirming what tskirvin wrote earlier today, noted midwestern collegiate preacher "Mad Max" Lynch died several years ago.

Max was indeed a religious nut. He'd be out on the main quad at Illinois about once a week during the good weather, preaching his fire-and-brimstone ultraconservative brand of Christianity. He frequently called out fornicators and homosexuals as bound for ye olde lake of fire. He was a big opponent of women's rights, speaking of beating his wife with his well-worn bible if she got too uppity with him. It was fun to bait him... he tended to give as good as he got, though he'd puff up and bluster the harsher things got. I always thought it would be funny for two people of the same gender to start making out in front of him, to really go for broke and see how crazy it would drive him, but never knew the people (nor was brave enough myself to fake it) to pull it off.

So now Max gets to find out how right or wrong he was, and if there are any consequences for that.

I hear the latest round of preachers don't measure up to Max, Jed, and the couple others that circulated back in my day...

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