Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Life acknowledges art

In Varsity Blues, there's a scene where Scott Caan's character declares that America's Funniest Home Videos should have been called America's Funniest Shots In The Nuts, since that's what it appears to heavily features. (He follows up by whacking a guy in the 'nads with a wiffle ball bat, in front of a partygoer holding a video camera.)

Tonight, I flipped past the syndicated "America's Funniest Videos", running on WGN. They were showing videos that appropriately responded to viewer letters. One letter asked, "AFV has been on for 12 years. What makes it so successful where other shows have failed?"

The following video shows a teenage boy trying to get his young (5-ish) brother to karate kick his outstretched palm. He misses... and kicks his big brother right in the nuts.

Case closed.

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