Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Barely-controlled insanity

So I got news this Monday that that Steve Holmbeck, the long-time gymnastics coach at Glenbrook North, had died over the weekend at 51. His triplets start college next month. There are not many worse definitions of "teh suck". I never had Holmbeck for gym, but he always struck me as a great guy. My brother-in-law Matt was a gymnast at North 'till he moved to Milwaukee, and backs that up. I talked to Jim Bloch, our ex-AD (now at New Trier), and he's been asked to deliver the eulogy. That's two in less than a year for him, he was also asked to speak for Dr. Duffy last September. Some people might find it a bit distressing to be asked to do that, but when you think about it, it's quite a statement about you if someone asks you to speak for them when they no longer can.

Then I find my grandmother was hospitalized over the weekend. She's been having trouble breathing, maybe because of a reaction to some medication she's been on for about a year. Or maybe not. They're not too sure of anything. They've got her in Lutheran General on oxygen... my sister Ronnee reports that despite being placed in the cardiopulmonary ward, they served her bacon.
On a lighter note... from probably-not-the-same people that brought you FUH2, comes I Humped Your Hummer.

And my dad just called, my cousin Heidi is moving into a mansion in Poway, this month.

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