Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

OS X network-specific settings

The office network is a little complicated. We have three outbound T1 lines, two of which go to frame relay links to our corporate mothership, and one is our legacy connection to the world. The default system configuration is for all traffic to go out to corporate before leaving for the world. Matt and I have static routes set on our own desktops to get to the legacy DMZ network to manage the systems that are still attached to the old T1.

As luck would have it, our frame relay provider had a Problem last night, coincident with a scheduled power shutdown in the suite where our server and network racks live. So when the systems came back, "the intarweb" didn't. We spent all morning in a mild panic trying to figure out what was misconfigured. Corporate IT was out to lunch (it was noon in MA,) and our pal over there who is our go-to guy was on a flight to Portland, so nobody was answering calls. I was doing a lot of troubleshooting with my iBook, and I found it cumbersome to manually manipulate its routing tables every time I went back and forth between our wired networks and the wireless.

I like that my iBook Just Works™ wherever I go. I plug it into my house network, and it works there. At work, same deal. 802.11 at the mall or the airport, booyah. I never have to open the Network control panel, or issue shell config commands. But I would like it to add the static route to the DMZ when it comes up on the work network. I can reasonably recognize the work network by combination of what range the DHCP-provided IP falls in, and the default gateway router.

This hint talks about a script in OS X that gets called on network changes. It applies to an older version of the OS, but under 10.4, the script you patch is /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Kicker.bundle/Contents/enable-network. I'm going to mess with this a few days, and see if I can get it to tweak proxies and default printers for me too. (I can't tell you how often I'll go to work, print something from my iBook, and then I don't see it 'till I get home because it patiently waits to see my home LaserJet.) I'll post the results here...

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