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It doesn't get much worse than this...

Via ginmar, Robert Fisk reports from Beirut.

I never cared for how the Israeli government dealt with Palestinian terrorism. They deliberately harmed people they knew were innocent, bulldozing houses and shops in the occupied territories, using them to get to the terrorists they couldn't find. All it did was breed more terrorism, and leave openings for Hamas to garner support. It was no surprise Hamas won the Palestinian elections.

And now they're doing the same thing in Lebanon. The patterns from the attacks this week are very clear. The Israelis aren't hitting ambulances by accident, or the people fixing the power and water. It's too common and too widespread to be anything but deliberate.

And we do nothing.

Well, not quite nothing. Nothing is what we should do. We should immediately cut off all financial and military aid to that government. Grow the fuck up, and when you do, give us a call. We'll certainly be here. Will you?

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