Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Really, I couldn't win

It's been hot and muggy in San Diego all week, while I haven't been here. It's a good thing I left my air conditioning turned on (usually it's completely off this time of year) and nailed to 85 degrees, otherwise I suspect I would've come home to an oven at 12:30 last night. But like I said, I can't win--it's still humid here, and it got muggy on Saturday back home, too.

My flight out of O'Hare was delayed an hour getting out, and a corresponding hour getting in (apparently wind or fuel conditions didn't favor making up for lost time.) Our aircraft was late getting in from Vancouver, and then it took longer than they originally stated to clean it and turn it around. The gate agents said they were going to rush-board us in just a moment, going so far as to gate-check all the rollaway bags in the fourth boarding group right away, instead of waiting for the overhead bins to fill and doing it in the aisles. And then we sat there for another half hour before they boarded us.

The crowd going to Baltimore on UA474 had a bad lot... I think there were mechanical problems with their 757. They were the flight that was to depart gate C21 just before us, and I watched their delayed departure go from 20 minutes to 40 minutes behind, and then to TBD. We got moved next door to C23. Then they got sent over to C23 too. Our gate agents told them all to go back to C21, and then the two sets of agents proceeded to play ping-pong with those passengers, pissing them off to the point they actually cried out in unison when they were again sent back to C21. What our agents wanted, really, was to get them out of our midst so they wouldn't be in the way. (You know how agitated waiting passengers will cluster by the door and the counter.) Just before boarding, an announcement was made to send the 474 passengers over to C25. Just before we pushed back, I spotted one of the message boards on the outside of Concourse C... announcing that 474's gate had again been changed to C16. I wonder if they ever got out?

I brought my video camera for this trip. I didn't get a window seat for the flight home, but I did for the return flight last night. I shot the departure from O'Hare on 27L (with a hard left turn after takeoff) and the landing at Lindbergh (27). I had to wait, of course, for the flight attendants to buckle into their seats so they wouldn't catch me. I'll sit down today to see how well the footage comes out.

On the way home, there was a police chase that ended on I-15 near Miramar Way. Traffic got heavy just after the merge from CA-163 (and just after the exit to the carpool lanes, which we could've taken since I was getting a ride from a friend.) There was no southbound traffic, and there was a helicopter pointing a spotlight down near the highway. Before we could get close enough to see what was going on, southbound traffic started up again (clearly, they'd been held up.) We found more than half a dozen SDPD cruisers on the shoulder, some pointed the wrong way, and one civilian car. So the chase started on city streets, the driver must have stopped and made a run for it. It was 12:30am, so there's nothing in today's newspapers yet. I pulled the camera out again as we passed, but I don't think there's anything really worth seeing.

It was good to be home for a whole week. I caught up a couple of people I hadn't seen in a year or more. I spent a good afternoon exploring Millennium Park (photos coming later) and Mark Roth got married (more photos.) And I got another little task out of the way for the folks. The part of the garage where my mom parks her Audi is only a couple of feet longer than the car. She's hit the back wall enough times to put a nice gouge in it. I ran out yesterday afternoon for tennis balls and string to hang markers for both cars so they'd know where to stop.

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