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Once upon a time, abusing your siblings was a transitive, small-audience phenomenon. The only people that would remember what happened were the ones present. Your family sitting at the table when you chucked a grape into your little sister's soup, splattering her new outfit. Your friends goofing off with you in the park when someone kicked a soccer ball that hit your little brother in the nuts. At worst, half the cafeteria when you pantsed your brother the second week of his freshman year. But they'd forget that as soon as the next spectacle happened.

But now, thanks to the glory of the Intarwub, your shenanigans can live on forever. Twenty years later, your little brother's Ph.d. defense panel can ask him if he's still a "little bastard" or a "little wiener" like this British teen's.

(For the benefit of Google, let me point out that the filmmaker is Matthew Scrutton of Chertsey, Surrey, and the part of the "little git" played by Tom Scrutton.)

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