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"Real Genius" is finally coming out on DVD on June 11th. Stock up on Jiffy-Pop.

This netcomics script seems to do a nice job of pulling down comics off the web. My only issue with it is the web index pages it generates... it looks at the comic archive as a linear list extending backwards in time, creating a new page every x comics. I'd really prefer something that rigidly page-breaked each day. Plus, it maintains this pattern that the most recent page is "comics1.html" and goes backwards in time from there, making it neccessary to regenerate each page every day. This will get ugly in a couple of months, considering my 37-strip-per-day comic habit.

Speaking of comic habits, it's Wednesday. comiclist.com shows new "Green Arrow", "Hunter", and "Transmetropolitan," as well as something called "Bigger Dicks" by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, who were responsible for the writing and covers of "Preacher"

Bleh. Brian's obituary ran today in the North County Times.   while(1) printf( "Fuck. " );

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